Imperial Park Recreation Center, 234 Matlage Way, Sugar Land, Texas 77478, United States


Yoga for EveryBody

Uniting Mind, Body, and Breath

Things to know...

Relax... come with an open mind... yoga postures (asanas) have modifications to accommodate those of us that are concerned about our lack of flexibility. 

Refrain from eating a large meal within two hours of class start. A piece of fruit or light snack one hour prior to class is okay. 

Wear clothing that allows for easy movement. Either loose fitting cotton or any regular exercise attire will work. 

Yoga is done in bare feet. Please remove your shoes and socks upon entering the facility and leave them, as well as any other personal belongings, along the wall or in the cubbies... keeping your practice area free from clutter. 

Y4EB can provide you with a yoga mat for your first visit, after which you will need your own mat. Mats are available at a number places such as Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart, or most sporting good stores and of course... Amazon.

No fragrances please... many people have allergies in relation to scents... so no perfumes or colognes. 

Be mindful of the class size, if you see that someone needs a place to put their mat and you can help make space for them... please do. 

Never walk on or move anyone's yoga mat without their permission. 

Turn your cell phone OFF... or better yet... leave it in the car. Please consider our yoga room a sacred space of practice and study for the hour during class. 

If you need to use your phone prior to class, step out to the hallway or lobby... absolutely no phone usage in the classroom, please.

ALWAYS arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class start time to allow plenty of time to setup your practice area. As much as anything, this is a courtesy to your fellow students. Do not walk in after class has started. If the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign is in the window... be accountable for your late arrival time error and we'll look forward to seeing you at the next class you choose to attend.

Thank you for your understanding of these requests.